Baseballcaps guide


Snapback Cap

Flexfit Snapback FFE 6089CV Olive Camo DosWhat are snapback caps? In principle, snapback cap types are nothing more than baseball caps, but with one special feature: the size of the caps can be individually adjusted at the back. Snapback caps usually have a plastic closure with snaps. But there are also models that can be adjusted with a fabric or leather strap. Due to the large opening above the closure, Snapbacks are more airy than Flexfit caps and the wearer does not sweat as quickly.

The style of the casual cap has its origins in the classic baseball cap of the 1950s. American sports stars like Tiger Woods and hip hopers like Wiz Kalifa and Jay-Z still rely on the cool headgear today. This makes snapback caps a casual piece of yesterday and today. They can be easily combined and individually adapted to the shape of the head – perfect properties to become an integral part of leisure looks for years to come.

Flexfit cap

Flexfit Snapback FFE 6089CV Silver Camo Model WIci, we have another type of baseball cap . Instead of a conventional closure, Flexfit caps have a flexible elastic band. This way, a Flexfit cap fits a wide variety of head sizes, even without a closure. Flexfit caps are available as standard in sizes S / M (6 3/4″-7 1/4″) and L / XL (7 1/8″-7 5/8″). Once you’ve found your size, you’ll be happy with a perfectly fitted cap that can withstand any requirement. The flexible elastic band ensures an optimal fit even in wind and jerky movements, e.g. during sport.

5-panel cap

The term panel refers to the body of the cap, i.e. everything except the shield. Each type of cap has four individual sewn areas (panels), one on the left, one on the right and two on the back. The difference between 5 and 6 panels is hidden in the front of the cap. With the 5-panel caps, there is a large area with no annoying seams. This makes the 5-panel caps ideal for embroidery. Another positive factor is that you can pack the caps safely in backpacks, bags, etc. The arrangement of the panels prevents them from creasing and losing their shape.

6-panel cap

In the fashion world, the term 6-panel cap does not mean a specific type of cap. Rather, it is a collective term for different caps that all have one thing in common: their body is made up of 6 parts. These can be arranged very differently from one cap to another, for example as pieces of cake or patched up like a ball. The 6-panel caps also differ considerably in terms of fit and type of fabric. They are flat or high, narrow or wide, with thin or thick fabric. With the 6-panel caps, there is certainly one or the other model to suit everyone.

Trucker cap / Mesh cap

Flexfit TruckerCaps FFE 6511T Black Model MThe trucker cap, also known as the mesh cap, is a popular headgear item. It originated in the United States in the 1970s, where it was mostly known to truck drivers. Mesh caps were available at low prices in many rest areas and were often given to truckers as a promotional gift by farm machinery manufacturers, motor oil or tool manufacturers. Since the late 1980’s, the cap has often been found on the heads of skateboarders, BMXers and punks. Since the beginning of the millennium, the Mainstram has also found great popularity in breathable caps. Trucker caps have become an integral part of the fashion world.

There are several types of trucker caps and mesh caps. A clear distinguishing feature, however, is the fact that they are always 2/3 mesh and most have a foam front and an adjustable snap closure at the back.

Sandwich cap

The latest model of our cap types in the guide is another variation of the baseball cap. Unlike Flexfit or Snapback Caps, Sandwich Caps are a rather new phenomenon in the hairdressing market. This is the specialty of the umbrella. As the name Sandwich Cap indicates, there is another layer of fabric between the top and bottom of the visor. Most of the time, this piece of fabric is a different color from the rest of the visor.

How to wear a Baseball Cap ?