What are fitted caps ?

What are fitted snapback, stapback, flexcap ?


What are fitted caps? There is always confusion about the different names of caps. Whether it is fitted, snapback, stapback, flexcap, trucker, base cap, baseball cap and so on. Certainly this list could be extended to infinity. We have already explained what exactly snapback caps are, now we come to the fitted caps and the difference with snapback caps. We needn’t say that they are extremely popular at this point. We have already reported it in detail in our article about snapbacks. The different leagues such as MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA have already been introduced. They are mainly label holders on the caps. It doesn’t matter whether it is the well-known brand like New Era or other brands.

What are fitted caps or what makes them so?

You could also simply say that it depends on the size. As we have described in the production of snapback caps, there is a plastic band that allows you to adjust the cap to the size of your head. Therefore, these are also very suitable for children and therefore grow with them. This is different with fitted caps. So here the size is adjusted. This means of course that you need to know exactly what size you are with the fitted models. Here it is also important to pay attention to the different brands, because there can be some differences in interpretation.

How do I determine my cap size?

In order to properly determine the size, you first need to grasp a thread or even better a flexible tape measure to measure the head circumference. Of course, this should not be done at the smallest point, but rather at the largest part of the head.

If you do this with a thread, you can of course measure it on a folding ruler. This size should then be converted to inches, as the sizes of the fitted caps are usually given in inches. Manufacturers have tables to convert its head size. Otherwise, you can do it quite easily.

1 centimeter equals 0.3937 inches

No problem with a calculator. If you now have your value in inches, you can read it on the size tables of the different manufacturers.

But be careful with intermediate values. Here you should play it safe and take the next bigger cap. At most you have a special hair on your head that will soon have to give way again.