What exactly is a baseball cap ?


 baseballcap-greyEveryone of us knows baseball caps, many of us have at least one in our closet. But what exactly is a baseball cap and where do the versatile caps come from? A baseball cap is a form of peaked cap whose predecessor is known since the 19th century. A peaked cap is supposed to protect the eyes and face from sun and rain, but it is smaller than a hat, which often covers the ears and neck.

Cap from the USA

The baseball cap in its present form has its origin in the USA and is often worn by young people there. As the name suggests, baseball players first wore such a cap, but soon the baseball cap became a popular part of leisure wear. In addition, for many people all over the world a cap is part of their uniforms, for example at a government office.
Basball caps are usually made of linen, cotton, wool or polyester. On the front side there is space for an inscription, which you can design yourself. Underneath is a fixed shield, which serves as protection against sun and rain, just like a peaked cap. Since the baseball cap originally comes from the sports area, it is no surprise that there is often a sweatband on the inner, lower edge.

Baseball players have made the cap famous

It is said that in 1849 the players of the New York Yankees wore a cap for the first time at one of their baseball games instead of the straw hats that were common at that time. However, these caps did not yet have an umbrella, which is typical for baseball caps today. A baseball cap looks especially cool when the umbrella is in the back. Baseball players “invented” this too, because some players wear a protective mask on their face.
Today all baseball players wear caps in defense during games and also referees and coaches usually wear a cap. The trend then came to Germany in the 1970s, where baseball caps became popular among young people.

Different sizes and models

Baseball Caps are available in many colors, sizes and models. When choosing the right size you should pay attention to the head circumference. The diameter is often given in inches, the circumference in centimeters. But you don’t necessarily need an exactly fitting size, because there are many stylish baseball caps in one universal size. With a closure, for example with snap fasteners or a velcro fastener you can adjust the cap to your head. The caps with a snap fastener are also called snapback.
Snapbacks have been popular in the USA since the 1950s and are a variation of the classic baseball cap. Since they can be produced in larger quantities thanks to their universal size, they are often cheaper. Exactly fitting caps are called “fitted” in the USA by the way. Snapbacks are not only popular in the hip hop scene, but also as fan articles for sports teams.

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