What is the difference between baseball caps, snapbacks and hats?

The term baseball cap can actually be considered a kind of generic term for all other types of caps. The biggest difference is the closure. Often, on a classic baseball cap, the sign on the front of the hat is also slightly larger. With snapbacks, the visor is often straighter and less curved than with baseball caps.

The closure of a fitted cap cannot be adjusted, so it is a fixed size. Snapback caps, on the other hand, have a snap closure that can be adjusted in size. This makes Snapback very flexible, especially if you need more than one, for example for your entire soccer team. The closure is mainly made of plastic. With other variants of modern caps, an elastic or Velcro closure is sometimes used. The material used for the cap itself, both for baseball caps and snapbacks, is often cotton, but sometimes also linen.

Caps as an alternative to baseball caps


They look like a pompom hat, but they don’t have a pompom. In the past, hats, often worn by workers, had a small umbrella to protect the eyes from the sun. Therefore, caps can be described as a kind of precursor to baseball caps. Today, many young people think that hats are as cool as baseball caps. Especially skateboarders and snowboarders, but also many hip-hopers like to wear hats. With the caps, a logo or lettering can be embroidered on the folded edge. There are also caps with an extra peak. You can then have a design embroidered on them.

When it comes to choosing the best hat or cap that you would like to have embroidered with the desired design, you have a great choice. We embroider a classic baseball cap as well as fitted caps or snapbacks with a design of your choice. Depending on the design, we can also embroider caps.